Commercial doors can range from simple swing doors such as loading dock doors to high-end sliding aluminum glass or decorative entry doors with automatic operators. They are one of the most used items in every business, which means they’re also prone to different issues.

Another problem that might cause door repair is poor construction and/or settling or shifting foundation. How a commercial property was constructed can actually lead to problems with air infiltration and door operation. These days, more poured concrete buildings are being made, which makes door repair both time-consuming and costly.

Knowing that, here are the most common door issues and how to solve them:

1. Damage Caused by High Traffic

The amount of traffic that goes through a commercial door affects its operational life. With high traffic, the amount of wear and tear on its parts like the latches, locks, closers, hinges, and so on increases. Aside from the heavy traffic, the age group of people who use the doors should also be considered.

One way to solve issues from high traffic is by equipping your door with commercial Grade 1 or heavy duty materials. This extends the operational life of not only the door but also the jamb.

Another must for heavily used openings is to have them maintained on a regular basis by a door and hardware specialty contractor. Currently, both automatic doors (doors with automatic openers or operators) and fire doors are required to be inspected annually. Even openings that are not fire rated nor electrified should have an annual maintenance inspection to help prevent and fix and issues proactively, before they lead to bigger problems and/or loss in business operations and revenue.

2. Door Warpage

Door warpage due to heat is also something that effects commercial doors made of hollow metal, wood or aluminum. In most cases, if the door becomes twisted out of shape, it may come back to its original shape once the pressure is no longer exerted. It can also return to its form once the temperature cools. However, most warped doors tend to stay warped, or even get worse with time because the heat from the sun and weather is causing the materials to expand and contract. This continual movement leads to door warpage.

If you suspect you have this problem, the best time to check your door is during the hottest time of the day. The good news is you can always replace your old warped doors with ones that are specially designed to resist warpage or paint the doors a light color to help reflect the sun’s rays. At any rate, doors that are exposed to the elements, especially the sun during the hottest time of day, may become warped more readily and require replacement more frequently.

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3. Failure to Close

A common complaint from users is the door not closing or not opening easily. Finding the root cause may involve more than one problem, so you need to thoroughly inspect the jamb and door.

The opening and closing operation of the commercial door should be inspected to see if it’s still properly aligned or mounted to the jamb. Have a look at the header and floor to see if you are actually dealing with a door swing problem or the door or frame is out of alignment. Check the hinges, closer and gastketing. One or all of these issues could be the cause of the door failing to close properly. Be especially careful when addressing door closers as incorrect adjustment can cause them to leak. When this happens they can no longer be repaired but must be replaced. This issue can only be fixed by a skilled door professional to avoid further damage.

4. Gaps in the Door

Can you see a gap that is large or uneven? Then this might indicate an installation or structural problem. A larger gap can affect the air flow in your commercial property. To fix this, you can fill the gap and limit air infiltration by using different kinds of gasketing or weatherstripping products that are specifically designed for your commercial door.

Common door issues can put your business at risk and compromise your day-to-day operations. The above problems, if left unresolved, can also present a hazard to your staff and customers. If you spot any of the above problems in your property, it’s best to schedule a professional door repair service.

While it can be tempting to fix everything on your own, nothing beats the service of a certified company. They can bring your commercial door back to shape and keep things running smoothly again–giving you more time to focus on your core business tasks.