What happens when someone tries to break into your business? Hopefully, they give up. Here is how to secure your business against break-ins.

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1. Better Access Control Systems

  • Former staff attempt a high percentage of break-ins using keys or access permissions
  • Changing keys takes too much time, and some former employees will take advantage
  • Use an access control system that you can quickly adjust when you let go of a staff member

2. Clean Up & Cut Back Landscaping

  • Properties with overgrown landscaping, like tall bushes or trees, give thieves cover
  • Cut down thick landscaping elements and add shorter plants that don’t provide shade
  • Even if thieves still attempt a break-in, they will be easier to identify on camera or in-person

3. Add Strength to Your Exterior Doors

  • Strong doors can deter theft by being impossible to open, or just too much of a hassle
  • The mere look of a durable metal security doors can discourage theft before it starts
  • Add vertical steelbars to a door to boost strength & make it tough to open without equipment

4. Professional Outside Security

  • Professional security can be expensive, but they deter theft & can respond to break-ins
  • Make sure that your security staff have a strong presence and are visible from outside
  • Ensure that security staff have the latest information on staff who have been fired or who left

5. Choose Better Security Door Hardware

  • Many door hardware options can help secure your doors & business against break-ins
  • Examples include continuous hinges, reinforcement plates, removable mullions & more
  • Some brands provide higher quality hardware, so focus on the brand of your door hardware too

6. Add Complete Lighting

  • Just as thieves prefer plant cover, they prefer the cover of darkness to attempt a break-in
  • Add lighting to every entry point to your building, including windows on upper stories
  • Create an envelope to illuminate your building by placing lights between each access point too


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