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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires most businesses’ doors to meet certain standards. These rules are meant to make your business simple to access and navigate for those with disabilities. The rules don’t just benefit those in wheelchairs, but also those with all sorts of handicaps or disabilities. For example, did you know round doorknobs are not ADA-compliant because those with arthritis and other wrist and hand disabilities cannot easily turn them?

ADA door rules might be a bit more complicated than you thought. Thankfully, the team at CLAD is standing by to walk you through the requirements, retrofit your doors for compliance, or help you choose brand new doors and hardware that meet ADA standards.

doors retrofitted for ADA compliance
our team can help you with an ADA upgrade by adding door operators

ADA Compliant Doors

Do you need ADA compliant doors? The ADA requires that you have at least one accessible door at your entrance, in accessible rooms such as accessible bathrooms or offices, and even in restricted or secured entrances to the building or a smaller space.

CLAD can provide you with some of the best doors and hardware from leading manufacturers. These doors perform as expected, have better security and safety features, and will operate for longer without needing repairs or replacement. Some of the manufacturers we trust include:

  • Von Duprin: This brand offers both high-quality doors and hardware.
  • LCN Hardware: Their door closers are excellent and often ADA compliant.

Retrofit Doors for ADA Compliance

It’s not always necessary to replace your door in order to make it ADA compliant. In some circumstances, we only need to replace or upgrade the hardware on the door in order to meet regulations. Frequently, we add low energy automatic door openers to manual doors for ADA compliance. These convert manual doors into automatic doors, opening and closing the door without effort from the user.

ADA Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act has several requirements for exterior and interior commercial doors. Those standards include:

  • Opening force: Door hardware must not require more than 5 pounds of force to open. It also must not require the user to twist their wrist.
  • Closing speed: Doors must close slowly to prevent injuring those who move slowly.
  • Door width: Doors need to offer between 32 inches and 48 inches of width for wheelchair and other mobility device access.
  • Maneuverability: Also for mobility devices, there must be ample clearance on both sides of the door.
  • Window height: On doors with windows, the window must start at least 43 inches off the ground.
  • Smooth surface: The bottom of the push side of the door must have a smooth surface, to a minimum of 10 inches off the ground.
our expert team at CLAD can help you understand ADA requirements

There are other ADA requirements that your doors may need to meet, depending on your circumstances. For example, when you have double-leaf doors, the active leaf must meet the width requirements, and the other door standards apply to both leaves. The expert team at CLAD can help you understand ADA requirements and make sure that your doors and hardware meet them.

Choose CLAD for ADA Compliant Doors and Hardware

The team at CLAD is dedicated to providing top-quality doors and customer service. Talk to us about your ADA door and hardware needs and concerns today.

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