Alameda Personnel Door Upgrade

Project Description

While installing electrified door hardware and an Avigilon Alta ACS system for a building owner, we were contacted by a company that sublets part of the building. The client was looking for better locking hardware for their main personnel door, as well as their own keypad for additional convenience and access options.



Alameda, CA

Equipment Used

Von Duprin Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) Exit Device

Electronic Keypad Lock

Heavy Duty Door Closer


The Solution

First, we removed the existing locking hardware (consisting of a lever and a deadbolt) and installed new locking hardware. That consisted of a new Von Duprin SVR exit device on the interior, and a new keypad trim on the exterior. This way they can easily exit the building by use of the exit device (free egress at all times) and easily enter the building with a keypad (though the building stays locked from the exterior at all times.) This solution allowed them the exact combination of security and convenience that they required.

On the same, day we also provided maintenance to the overall opening to ensure that the active door opens smoothly and the inactive door remains secure. We also installed a surface door closer to ensure that the door always closes on its own and securely latches, to consistently prevent outside entry without an access code.

Scope of Project

This installation took less than one day to complete, including keypad instructions, code entry, and rekeying of new hardware.

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