Bay Area Cemetery

Custom commercial door installation for a Bay Area cemetery

Cemeteries are unique businesses with unique access and security needs. When this business approached us, they were looking for new doors for their crematorium. After examining the space, we saw that there were three goals for this project:

  1. Restrict access to a room that contains expensive, and potentially dangerous equipment.
  2. Ensure ease of access for handling of remains
  3. Give the client more control over airflow for additional comfort and safety.
bay area cemetery door installation


Bay Area, California

Equipment Used

Heavy-duty mortise lock

Manual flush bolts

Non-removal pin hinges

Adjustable louvers

The Solution

The 69″ x 90″ opening was slightly narrower, and slightly taller, than a typical 6070 double door (74″ by 84.”) So the first step was acquiring custom hollow metal doors for the unusual entrance.

Next, we added several pieces of hardware for added security and convenience. This included a heavy-duty mortise lock with deadbolt, manual flush bolts for the inactive door, and non-removable pin hinges (NRP hinges).

Finally, we installed adjustable louvers that allowed the client to control airflow in and out of the crematorium.

Scope of Project

This project took a little over a day to install. Most of the installation was performed on the first day, while touch-ups (like caulking) were performed on the second day.


While the client was happy with the new doors’ look and feel, the new locking hardware took a little getting used to. We talked to the client after hours to answer a few questions about the new hardware, and then returned the next day so we could show multiple employees how to use it.

In the end, the client was happy with the new hardware, and fully satisfied by the project.

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