What is a Hollow Metal Door?

Despite their name, hollow metal doors aren’t exactly hollow. They have soft door cores which are surrounded by metal plating on all sides. The metal is usually stainless steel. These doors look like they are made of solid metal, but they’re lighter, they’re more affordable, and they’re highly practical for any kind of commercial door [...]

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How Do You Secure a Commercial Double Door?

Double doors have a certain elegance. As interior doors in commercial settings, they make their room stand out and feel more important than the surrounding spaces. When they are exterior doors in high-traffic buildings, they may seem more like a practicality, but they can still operate smoothly and look inviting. Commercial double doors need to [...]

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Hollow Metal vs Aluminum Storefronts

Both hollow metal and aluminum storefronts and door frames are a very common and durable component for businesses of all types. Whether you plan on using a large amount of glass or simply have a few windows, both of these materials can be very useful for your commercial facility. Depending on your needs and preferences [...]

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Do All Exit Doors Need Panic Hardware?

Having panic hardware on your doors can give occupants inside your building the peace of mind they need in case of an emergency. One of the biggest reasons people get injured during times of emergency is when they stampede in a panic towards the exits. By having panic hardware installed on the doors, you not [...]

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