Who Invented the Panic Bar?

The panic bar was invented by Robert Alexander Briggs in 1892. But that’s not the whole story. He was motivated by a tragic disaster in England in 1883. The panic bar did not make its way into the United States until there were similar disasters on US soil. Discover the history of this essential door [...]

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4 Common Problems with Automatic Sliding Doors

Few things feel as convenient as a working automatic sliding door, which is perhaps why they are so frustrating when they are not working. As customers approach your door they note that the door is automatic subconsciously, and begin to expect a seamless experience. Their frustration when the door isn’t working is amplified by those [...]

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What is a Hollow Metal Door?

Despite their name, hollow metal doors aren’t exactly hollow. They have soft door cores which are surrounded by metal plating on all sides. The metal is usually stainless steel. These doors look like they are made of solid metal, but they’re lighter, they’re more affordable, and they’re highly practical for any kind of commercial door [...]

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How Do You Secure a Commercial Double Door?

Double doors have a certain elegance. As interior doors in commercial settings, they make their room stand out and feel more important than the surrounding spaces. When they are exterior doors in high-traffic buildings, they may seem more like a practicality, but they can still operate smoothly and look inviting. Commercial double doors need to [...]

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