Automatic Doors

Customers expect many kinds of businesses to have automatic doors, but adding one to a smaller business can be a smart, subtle way to stand out.

But finding a local company that can service automatic doors isn’t always simple, and it’s easy for a less ethical company to cause problems if you don’t understand what you’re getting into.

If you’re in the SF East Bay, such as Walnut Creek or San Ramon, make CLAD your go-to company for automatic door installation and service. Learn more about our automatic door services or contact us today to speak one-on-one with one of our technicians.

Why Did My Automatic Doors Stop Working?

Automatic doors are complicated machinery that is always in motion. When they break down, there are many parts that could be the source of your issue. Ultimately, you will want a professional’s help to find the problem, fix it, and even provide maintenance to prevent breakdowns in the first place. But, if you want to [...]

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Cloud-based Access Control vs. Legacy Systems

Could managing your property’s security be easier, or is cloud-based access control not right for you? Newer access control systems have been designed to work with the cloud. Cloud-based systems may be more convenient for you, as they allow you to avoid having a server onsite to run the access control system. But does that [...]

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How Long Should Automatic Doors Stay Open?

An automatic door’s opening and closing speed are among the most important elements in its user experience. As with all doors, you want your customers or guests to have a simple time using automatic doors. Doors that open and close too quickly may hurt people, particularly the elderly or those with mobility disabilities that slow [...]

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How to Protect Your Access Control System from Hackers

You rely on your access control system to keep your facility safe. However, just like any physical or digital system, it is potentially vulnerable to hackers and those who would want to gain unauthorized access to your property and the other systems in your building. Access control systems can connect to other things on your [...]

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10+ Types of Access Control Systems

When choosing an access control system, it is wise to look into the different types of access control systems before you start to look at brands. While each brand will promote their best features, comparing them may be challenging. Further, you may not know until it’s installed if there is a feature that some types [...]

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What is an Automatic Door Operator?

An automatic door operator is one of the most useful door hardware options. It can turn your manually-operated door into an automatic door. Automatic door operators are attached to the top of the door and, when triggered, they open the door so that the user doesn’t have to open it themselves. The operator waits for [...]

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