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How to Attract and Retain Commercial Office Space Tenants

With the growing availability of commercial office space, the best tenants are increasingly harder to attract and retain. The longer your space is open, the more revenue you’re missing, and getting a low-quality tenant isn’t much better. If you want a high-quality tenant that will stay in your space, then you need to take steps [...]

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Which Way Should Your Door Swing?

Which way should your commercial door swing? Your door swing direction is not just about convenience but also safety and the structural integrity of the building. There are different mandated door swing directions for different kinds of doors and under different building codes. Before you look up how to hang a door, make sure that [...]

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5 Keyless Entry Options for Your Business

Who likes fumbling around with keys? Even when you can find them, doors used as often as a business’ will often develop lock problems, so you have to put pressure on the door to open and close it. Not only can keyless options be more convenient and efficient, but they can also be more secure [...]

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Shoplifting Prevention Tips for 2021

Shoplifting has always been a problem for retail businesses, but the added challenges of 2020 have changed things. Whether you're getting ready to reopen after a long hiatus or whether you've been open for some time and are looking to beef up your loss prevention, we hope that these tips help you protect your inventory [...]

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Fire Safety Checklist for Warehouses

Fires are significant risks for warehouses. Firs can seriously endanger staff, destroy inventory, and cause costly property damage. Recovering from a fire can cost valuable time and, if it causes the violation of contracts, may lower the reputation of your business. Having a comprehensive fire safety plan is important to protect people, reduce liability, and [...]

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10+ Types of Access Control Systems

When choosing an access control system, it is wise to look into the different types of access control systems before you start to look at brands. While each brand will promote their best features, comparing them may be challenging. Further, you may not know until it’s installed if there is a feature that some types [...]

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