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Don’t let the door hit your customer on their way out. Door closers slow down your door and make sure that it closes completely. They are important both for your customer’s experience of the door and to ensure the security of your building, as people who wish to gain unauthorized access often try to slip in the back door after someone leaves.

Door closers can be important for accessibility, and so they are mandated on some doors and not others. Plus, there are a handful of brands which make different door closer products of different quality. Which should you choose, and which doors should you install them on? The professionals at CLAD are here to help with detailed information, recommendations, and top-notch installation and repair services.

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Why Use Door Closers?

Door closers control the swing of any door they are installed on. Either mechanically or with electricity, they slow down the swing of a door and pull it all the way shut. Inside and outside, on single and double doors, door closers are useful for these purposes:

  • Prevent fire: Fire doors and other internal doors need to close to reduce the spread of fire through your property. Door closers ensure that your door will fully close even if someone forgets.
  • Prevent injury: When doors close too quickly, especially when heavy, they can injure people. Those with mobility issues especially need doors to close slowly. This hardware controls the swing of your door, so it closes predictably, and people can get out of the way.
  • Prevent slamming: Slamming doors are disruptive and can irritate people in the building, especially staff who have to hear the door slam several times per day. Door closers eliminate slamming.
  • Prevent security risks: When a door is left open, people with less than noble intentions can use it to sneak it. Door closers ensure your exterior doors always fully close.

Door Closer Repair

When your door closer isn’t working properly, your property is exposed to liability from a few sources. Never mind that staff and clients or customers may get frustrated with it. The team at CLAD responds quickly to your call and can repair your door closer quickly to get your business back to normal.

Door Closer Installation

What if your door closer can’t be repaired? If you need to install new door closers, working with the team at CLAD will be beneficial. We have years of experience working with the best door closers on the market. While we can repair any door closer, we recommend door closers from Yale.

Yale door closers have simple design with high-quality materials and parts, which means they have reliable performance for years and are simple to install or repair. These are strong and precise door closers which look modern and clean when installed. The brand offers different closer models for different applications, including use in retail, industrial settings, and more economical closers for those who are working with a low budget.

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Why Choose CLAD?

The team at CLAD is reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. Reach out to us to discuss your door closers.

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