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Push Bar & Panic Bar Repair and Installation

Push bars and other exit hardware make your door safer and more functional whenever someone needs to leave. Whether your door requires them in order to meet local safety regulations, or you just want to make it safer, you can trust CLAD to give you the best professional advice about your options. We trust only high-quality brands like LCN and Yale and perform complete and proper installations.

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The Use of Panic Bars

The basic panic bar, also known as a crash bar or panic exit device, is a horizontal bar that runs across the door at waist height. When someone presses on the bar, the door opens. It’s not an automatic or powered opening and still requires the force of the person’s arm. But, panic bars do create a smooth opening motion that people can perform quickly and even when they can’t reach the door handle.

This smooth opening is important for emergency situations, as when individuals or crowds approach the door, they may not have even the split second to figure out more complex handles or may not be able to reach the handle due to other panicked people standing in the way. Without panic bars, people may press against each other trying to get out, creating crush injuries and ultimately preventing escape. This is why building codes usually require panic bars on exterior commercial doors of buildings which have high occupancy, typically 50 or more.

Preferred Exit Hardware Brands

When its an emergency and you have to rely on a push bar, you hope that it is high-quality and functioning properly. We suggest you choose your exit hardware like you’ll have to use it in an emergency. And there are two brand which we believe offer smooth operation and high reliability for just these situations. We trust the exit hardware from both LCN and Yale.

  • LCN: The LCN 4040 series is a phenomenal option for your door closer in terms of both strength and durability. Knock-offs don’t come close, but the fact that there are knock-offs should tell you just how desirable this hardware is.
  • Yale: This brand is constantly redeveloping its panic bars and other exit hardware to improve the usability and the simplicity of their installation. They offer high-quality hardware that keeps impressing us.
our team installed these Yale push bars

Other Exit Hardware Options

Panic bars aren’t the only exit hardware options you might be interested in for your commercial door. Other options include:

  • Mortise exit devices: Combining the plain panic bar with a mortise lock adds security.
  • Alarmed exit devices: When you need to let people out in emergencies, but also need to know when someone has left, such as schools, nursing homes, and high-security environments.

Why Choose CLAD?

You might not have yet had the opportunity to test your exit hardware in emergency situations. But, you should still take comfort in the peace of mind of knowing that the team at CLAD recommended and installed your panic bars and other exit hardware. Our technicians have years of experience in the field and have deep knowledge of different options for your commercial doors. We’re ready to help.

For All Your Commercial Door Hardware Needs

Our team is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of commercial door hardware, including panic bars, door closers, low-energy operators, electrified door hardware, foot and elbow openers, and more.

Learn more about our commercial door hardware options to call today to speak with a specialist.

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