Electrified Door Hardware Installation & Repair

Electrified door hardware for use with access control systems

CLAD has the expertise to install electrified door hardware that communicates with access control systems to provide safety and security in your facility. If you’re a property owner getting electrified door hardware installed for your access control system, we can handle the selection, installation, and maintenance of the electrified door hardware. Many dedicated access control system companies prefer to work with us rather than handle the hardware themselves. That way, they save time, money and deliver quality results too. We’re happy to help. Learn more about what we can do and how it can benefit you below.

our team has the expertise to install electrified door hardware

Hardware Experts

The team at CLAD has more experience choosing and installing electrified door hardware than most access control system companies. The most advanced ACS can still function poorly or be vulnerable to security threats, if they are paired with poor hardware that was installed improperly. Our expertise can ensure that you get the security and smooth access that you’re paying for with your ACS.

Electric Devices

We can help you choose and install everything from magnetic locks to electrified exit devices and even key components of the ACS system, such as its power supplies and controllers. There are some components that we have come to respect in terms of quality, including:

HES electric strike installation
  • HES Electric Strike: We rely on electric strikes to open the door when the access control system tells it to. Personally, we’ve found that HES models 8000, 8500 and 9600 are excellent, reliable strikes that you can trust to open when they need to.
  • Von Duprin Electrified Exit Devices: Also called panic devices, electrified exit devices allow your ACS-controlled door to switch to manual operation. This is very important for emergency situations, so your electrified exit devices need to be reliable. We trust the options from Von Duprin, especially the 99 and 33.


We have many other recommendations we can make for the best-electrified door hardware for your specific circumstances, including your door type, ACS and other environmental concerns.

What if you, or your customer, do not want to replace their existing mechanical hardware? We can convert the current door hardware into an electrical version by adding motors and solenoids. This can conveniently save your customer some money while also ensuring the smooth operation of your access control system.


We’re also happy to install operators. These are hardware options to automate swing doors, especially those that receive high traffic. We install Record Doors 800 and 6100 operators and appreciate their reliability, low noise and flexibility for use in different door types.

a door operator installed by our professionals

What About Your Access Control System?

CLAD also installs access control systems along with electrified door hardware. Our go-to brand is Avigilon Alta, which offers reliable mobile access control that is affordable, easily self-managed, and scales to any sized business, from a small dentist office to the largest manufacturing plant.

Whether you need a complete ACS installation or are just looking to get professionals to install your electrified door hardware, the team at CLAD is here to help. Reach out to us today to get started.

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