Commerical Exterior Doors

Commercial Exterior Door Installation & Repair

We specialize in exterior doors and openings. From inviting aluminum glass storefronts to high-security metal doors, reliable exterior doors are a necessity for any kind of brick and mortar business.

manual storefront door successfully repaired
Repairing the storefront door at Parkwest Casino 580 in Livermore, California

“Commando Style” Exterior Door Repair

A broken exterior door can compromise your business’s accessibility, security, and availability. Unfortunately, most commercial door contractors don’t have a large stock of exterior doors, so it can take a lead time of 4+ weeks for your new door to arrive. That costs your business real money, and can expose your business to liability.

At CLAD, we want to resolve all of your broken exterior door problems ASAP. That’s why we stock a wide variety of high-quality parts for repairs on short notice. Whether you have a fire-rated metal door, a double pane glass door, or anything in between, our team will be in and out before other contractors even arrive.

an exterior door installed by our team

Exterior Door Installation Done Right

Our experience with a wide variety of brands, equipment types, and manufacturers allows us to find and install the absolute perfect door for your needs. Each door we install is carefully chosen to meet your business’s security needs, demands of day-to-day usage, budget, and aesthetic concerns. Our team also has extensive experience with commercial exterior door hardware and access control systems, so you can rely on all of your systems consistently working together.

Front of House Doors

Front Entrance Doors

Every time your customer visits you they are greeted by your front of house doors. We offer a variety of front of house door options, including several types of manual storefront doors and automatic storefront doors.

Are your front of house doors for staff or only authorized personnel? We offer standalone access solutions such as keypads, cards and readers. Or, you may prefer our networked access system from Avigilon Alta. It allows for hands-free entry, a more sanitary option. And, with triple redundancy, you can trust that your door will always open when it is supposed to.

Automatic sliding glass doors

Back of House Doors

Rear Entry or Emergency Exit Doors

For your back of house doors, security and safety are likely your primary concerns. They should exude strength, and appear well-maintained, to deter unauthorized access.

We have a range of metal doors to fulfill your specific security needs. Our selection includes several types of metal doors, including galvanized steel doors and steel stiffened doors, both of which can resist heavy abuse. We also also offer several fire rated metal doors that are perfect for back of house applications.

Back of house door with advanced ACS system

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