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Fire doors are durable, secure doors that seal against smoke and are rated to withstand fire for a limited amount of time. Some fire doors will close automatically in the case of fire. These doors prevent the spread of fire and smoke, which can save lives in the event of a fire. Fire-rated doors can seal off vulnerable areas, like commercial kitchens, or slow the spread of fire in buildings that are hard to evacuate, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

It’s just as important to have your fire doors in good working order as it is to have them installed. The CLAD team can install and repair fire-rated doors that will meet your building code regulations and offer protection from smoke and fire. We have our Raceway Installer’s certification from Intertek, so we can modify fire doors and recertify them in the field. Our superior experience and customer service will make the process of selecting and installing your fire doors simple. So, whether you need a fire-rated door installed in Danville, Fremont, Hayward, or any other city in our service area, like Jackson or Plymouth, give our team at Commercial Locks And Doors a call today.

installation of a fire rated door in a medical facility in Fremont
Fire rated door with extinguisher, exit sign, and industrial strength push bar

Fire Door Hardware

Fire doors have unique hardware needs. They need to be simple to open for evacuation purposes, but still weather-stripped to resist smoke. If you need to replace your fire door, fast service is a matter of safety. We have the equipment we need on hand to replace the door in a few days, while other companies may take weeks. Not only are we faster than the competition, but we also offer a quality guarantee.

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