Heavy doors might not seem like too big of an issue for your business until you see a customer or staff member struggle to open them. Doors should be convenient for everyone, even if they have packages in their arms, a stroller to get inside, or if they are sick or frail. Having a lighter door may even be necessary for you to meet ADA guidelines. Doors should only take five pounds of pressure to open, maximum, to meet ADA rules.

So, how do you make a heavy door easier to open? There are a few ways.

Fix the Door Closers

Door closers use pressure inside their cylinder to slowly close the door. They can exert a lot of force and, if they are broken or were improperly adjusted, they can apply more force than they should on the door. If this is the case, your commercial locksmith may need to adjust, fix, or even replace the door closer.

Lubricate the Hinges

Dry door hinges can hold back a door and make it much harder to open. Your first step should be to lubricate the hinges to make sure they swing well. If the hinges have rusted or broken, this may not be enough, and they may need to be replaced. Sometimes the position of hinges, or the lack of enough hinges, can also make the door too heavy. They are supposed to carry the weight of the door, but they may not carry enough. In this case, you’ll need a professional to assess and adjust the hinges.

Check the Positioning of the Door

Sometimes the door is heavy because it is stuck or held back by something else. For example, if the building has shifted and the door frame has become uneven, the frame itself can apply pressure to limit the door. Or, in double doors, one door could hold another back, or they could both interfere with the proper function of the other so that each one feels too heavy. Another possibility is the weather stripping at the bottom of the door. If installed improperly, or if it conflicts with a mat or carpeting, then it may also make it much more challenging to open the door.

Choose an Automatic Door

Why have people open your doors at all? Automatic doors can be quite convenient and allow people to enter with full hands, carts and other items much easier. People also appreciate automatic doors because they are more hygienic, as they don’t have to touch the door. You can boost your business’ profile and make your customers feel more welcome by installing automatic doors. You won’t have to worry about them being too heavy again.

Is Your Door Still Heavy?

You might be risking ADA fines if you leave your heavy door inoperable. Sometimes the above solutions don’t work, or it is challenging to fix them without the help of a professional. The team at CLAD can help you fix your heavy door today.