With the growing availability of commercial office space, the best tenants are increasingly harder to attract and retain. The longer your space is open, the more revenue you’re missing, and getting a low-quality tenant isn’t much better. If you want a high-quality tenant that will stay in your space, then you need to take steps to offer the amenities that you need to attract and keep these clients. Here are a few options.

Fiber Optic Connections

Fiber optic is a faster internet connection enabled by light transfer, instead of the electricity transfer that DSL and cable rely on. Your tenants will appreciate that a fiber optic connection gets them the fastest internet available, with incredible speeds for the whole office. It will make their work more productive, efficient and will make your property more appealing.

Air Quality Measures

Employers are increasingly aware of the impact of air quality on their employees performance and comfort. They can reduce sick days and increase employee efficiency if they choose an office that has great air quality. Consider installing additional ventilation to remove CO2 and make the air fresher. Air purifiers can help remove mold spores, dust, allergens and even viruses from the air. Work with an HVAC professional to discover what improvements you could make for air quality in your space.

On-Site Dining

If your commercial space is large enough, offering onsite dining is a wise decision. Tenants don’t want their staff to have to routinely leave the building for food. If they have great options for food onsite, their staff are more productive and responsive. By offering the space yourself, you’re saving your tenants from having to fully equip their breakroom with food. Besides, this can be a lucrative option for you as well.

Customer Relationship Management Software

When your tenant interacts with you, they want a quick response, helpful information, and their concerns addressed thoroughly. Customer relationship management software helps you provide the experience that your tenants are looking for. Send out automated responses, have a record of all communications, allow tenants to make requests for repair, and send out messages all from a single platform that any of your employees or managers can access.

Better Landscaping

Tenants want their own guests and clients to be impressed when they arrive at their office. By offering lush landscaping, you can help your tenants make that all-important first impression a great one. Greener spaces can also help attract companies that want their staff to have a great space to take their breaks in–and these companies tend to be great tenants.

A Modern Access Control System

Handling keys, or working with older access control systems, is not ideal from your tenant’s perspective. You can offer them better security and more convenient access to their building with a modern access control system like OpenPath. This system will reduce the operating costs of your building, offering multi-layered security that will reassure your tenants without making it inconvenient for them to access their space.