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Doors are more noticeable than you might think. A customer with a handful of bags, or a mobility issue, will certainly notice how convenient your doors are. Someone who wants to gain unauthorized access to your property will also notice your doors and many weaknesses in them. As a business, it pays to consider how secure, convenient, and beautiful your doors are.

We offer commercial doors in Livermore that can fulfill many different business needs, from convenience to security, hygiene, and beauty.

our CLAD team installed this commercial door in Livermore
a recently installed automatic doors system

Automatic Doors

These days, an automatic door is the expectation of every customer at a retail store. This door type can also be very valuable in other circumstances, like in healthcare and offices. There are several types of automatic doors that we can install and repair, including:

  • Automatic swinging doors: These doors swing open.
  • Automatic sliding doors: These doors slide open, which is better for bi-directional traffic.
  • Automatic telescoping doors: These doors slide open further than sliding doors.
  • Automatic folding doors: These doors fold open, which gives your user more clearance.
  • Automatic revolving doors: These doors revolve slowly, keeping more conditioned air in your building.

Each type of automatic door has its own benefits and disadvantages, including wider access, speed, convenience for the user, and even environmental friendliness. The team at CLAD can help you choose the right automatic door for your situation. We have doors from the best manufacturers and can help you get the most durable ones to maximize your investment. Or we can repair and recertify your automatic doors in the field, as we have AAADM certification.

I have been working with Marco and the team over at Commercial Locks and Doors for over a year now. They’re a great group of people that do provide exceptional service and make an effort to accommodate. I manage a 100,000 sqft technical building with a lot of doors, they’ve helped me with repairs, security concerns, and making a master key program that has helped tremendously. A+

Joe Sisk

Storefront Repair

When your door is broken, stuck, or a pain to open, you’ll lose customers. It’s also a bad impression to make on customers who are willing to come in, who may think negatively of your store after having to deal with your door.

We know that getting storefront door repair quickly matters for your bottom line, which is why we respond to your call quickly, show up on time, and bring what we need to fix almost all repair problems. We stock a wide variety of parts, so we can typically fix an automatic door issue in a day or two and other door problems even faster.

storefront repair

Dependable Commercial Locksmith Services in Livermore

Commercial Locks And Doors provides the best in commercial locksmith services in Livermore and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re considering upgrading your locks, need a re-key, or are simply locked out of your commercial property, our team of seasoned commercial locksmiths come fully equipped with all the tools and expertise necessary to completely repair or replace the locks that protect your establishment.

We’ve been repairing and replacing the locks and doors on commercial buildings like hospitals, commercial warehouses, schools, hotels, office buildings, storefronts, and retail spaces for over half a decade now. In this time, our commercial locksmiths have consistently gone above and beyond to meet the security needs of our customers, regardless of the size of their building or the specified requirement.

Not only is our team of professional locksmiths expertly trained and licensed, they also have access to the latest in security technology to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident that our security solutions are able to adequately protect your commercial building. We can handle anything and everything related to commercial locks and doors, including lockout fixes, re-keying/rekeying, key duplication / duplicate a key, lock repair, lock system replacements, new locking hardware, door closers, storefront door locks, panic bars, high-security locks, new touch-free ACS system installations, and more! So if you’re looking for a commercial locksmith service or commercial local locksmith, you’re in the right place. We are also fully bonded and insured for your protection.

When you need a new lock system or lock replacement for your commercial building, be sure to call the pros at Commercial Locks And Doors for a free estimate as soon as possible!

Your Commercial Door Hardware Specialists

Whether you need a door component replaced, repaired, or freshly installed, our technicians have the parts and knowledge to handle it. Call us any time for:

  • Commercial door lock hardware
  • Deadbolt and deadlock hardware
  • Mortise locks and tumbler locks
  • Door closer repair and installations
  • Keyless entry hardware
  • Keyed entry systems and keypad hardware
  • Master key system installation
  • Key control systems
  • Rekey services and key-cutting
  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Door operators
  • Kick plates and elbow pulls
  • And more

Sorry, we do not work with residential door hardware, car keys and locks, or safes.

keypad lock entry system

Why Choose CLAD?

The team at CLAD has the knowledge and expertise that you need to get the best doors for your specific needs. We have a selection of front-of-house and back-of-house solutions that can make your property more beautiful, secure, and convenient. From start to finish, your experience with CLAD will be professional, thorough, and fast. All of our staff are well-trained and committed to providing you with excellent service.

We understand the needs of a huge range of businesses of many sizes and have worked with:

  • Government properties
  • General contractors
  • Specialty contractors
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Churches and temples
  • School and campuses
  • Medical facilities

We can give you the personalized advice and quick, consistent service that you need.

commercial door contractors install a heavy duty commercial door with movable louvers

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