Most commercial doors are strong enough to protect your facility from harsh weather elements and intruders. Unfortunately, these doors are, by default, not equipped with additional security features for added safety. In fact, nearly anyone who wants to break into your property can actually bypass most commercial doors in mere minutes.

If you want to reinforce your commercial and industrial doors to prevent this from happening, below are effective tips from experts on locksmith services.

Get high-security lock cylinders.

Get high-security lock cylindersMany commercial door locks can be picked and bumped just as easily as residential locks, depending on the lock grade and manufacturer. This might be something you need to address if your hardware needs further reinforcement, as doing so can strengthen the integrity of your facility’s doors.

You can actually have high-security cylinders installed in almost all commercial grade hardware without ever needing to replace the lock entirely. A local locksmith can simply replace the cylinder (the part with the keyhole) and your door is all set.

Calling for locksmith services to install lock cylinders will get you two things. First, lock cylinders are pick- and bump-proof, so no one without a significant amount of effort and training can get through. Second, the keys cannot be duplicated at your local home improvement store. This means your employees cannot make copies of your business key, and your business is that much safer.

Install jam pins for commercial door hinges.

This is an inexpensive yet still very effective door reinforcement for your facility. Commercial doors that swing out have exposed hinges that can be popped or cut off easily. Once this part is cut, the door can be pulled out of the frame with minimal effort.

Jam pins prevent this from happening so even if the hinges are broken, the door cannot be pulled out. Generally, jam pins are made of wood and machine threading. These types of pins can be used on both wooden and metal commercial doors. Just remove one screw from the hinge and replace it with a security pin. Remove the screw on the opposite side so that once the door is closed, the pin enters the hole left by the missing screw.

Alternatively, when installing a new door, ensure you are receiving NRP hinges.  NRP or non-removeable pin hinges are hinges in which the pin cannot be removed.  These hinges should always be used on exterior out-swinging doors.

Consider preventative planned maintenance (PPM) agreements.

This is a proactive solution for business owners who want to ensure the proper functioning of their commercial doors and other hardware.

You can schedule locksmith services and have experts maintain doors and hardware (i.e. check door swings, adjust doors and door closers, tighten screws, and clean and lubricate hardware) to prevent any problem that may come up. After the inspection, your local locksmith can notify you of any repairs or other issues that should be addressed immediately.


There are many ways to reinforce your commercial and industrial doors. A variety of security equipment and systems can be used to significantly boost the door’s strength. If you’re not sure which add-on to choose or which reinforcement method to follow, don’t hesitate to call for locksmith services. A local locksmith will be more than willing to help you ensure the safety of your business.