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When it comes to doors, every business has to balance ease of access and security. In Orangevale, that balance can be particularly challenging. Thankfully, the team at CLAD is here to help you choose the best, most secure options for front-of-house and back-of-house doors. We offer top hardware, exceptional access control systems and quick commercial door repair services. Let us help make your business more profitable and more secure.

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Security Doors in Orangevale

Depending on your specific business, you may need security doors at the front of your property or just the back. CLAD can help you assess your security risks and determine where you need a metal door and which type of metal security door is right for you. Your options include:

  • Galvanized steel: Older exterior security doors commonly rust. This makes them appear vulnerable and attract unwanted attention. Galvanized steel doors won’t rust, so they stay in better condition.
  • Steel-stiffened doors: These doors have a vertical steel bar which adds significant strength, helping these doors stand up to attempts at forced entry.
  • Fire doors: Building code may require you have these secure doors, which help protect from the spread of fire. They can seal smoke and flames off from certain parts of your building.
  • Hardware: We offer top-of-the-line hardware for doors. They offer improved performance and many offer security features that can help keep your property protected.

Reliable Commercial Door Repair

If your door has been damaged, opens slowly, won’t close, gets stuck, or has some other issue, you need it fixed quickly. At CLAD, we understand that the longer your door is broken, the more inconvenient it is to staff and customers. A broken door may even lose you business. We can help with fast, complete repairs.

The team at CLAD is AAADM certified so that we can repair, inspect and install automatic doors. In addition, we show up to every repair job with the most common parts in our truck. That means we can complete repairs faster, usually the very same day. With better access to the top manufacturers, we can also complete installation jobs faster than the competition.

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Commercial Locksmith in Orangevale

Commercial Locks and Doors provides high-quality commercial locksmith services in Orangevale. Every member of our team is professional, certified, and licensed. We’re trained to work on a wide variety of commercial lock and doors systems, and we have the expertise needed to advise you on exactly what course of action is best for you. We’re as concerned with the security and ease of access of your property as you are. Our skills and knowledge, combined with our commitment to provide the absolute best in customer service, shine through on every job that we do.

We provide our full suite of services in Orangevale, including:

  • Commercial rekeys
  • Deadbolt installations
  • Commercial lock repair
  • Access control systems
  • Panic hardware
  • Cylinder lock repair
  • Door closers
  • New lock installations
  • And more
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Commercial Door Hardware Installation & Repair

A door won’t do you a lot of good without great hardware. At Commercial Locks and Doors, we repair virtually every kind of commercial door hardware, and are ready to install new hardware from leading manufacturers. Our most requested commercial door hardware includes:

  • Push bars or panic bars. Push bars allow any door to be operated with just a push, making them significantly safer in the event of an emergency.
  • Door operators or door closers. These simple devices help set your door’s default position, how quickly they open and close, and how much force it takes. They’re great for making sure your exterior doors seal snugly, to keep in the air conditioning.
  • Locks of all shapes and sizes. From simple cylinder locks and deadbolts to significantly more complex hardware, we have so many options for you to choose from.

Learn more about our commercial hardware options »

We Serve Unusual Commercial Door Needs

The team at CLAD has experience and knowledge to share. Unlike companies that focus on residential doors, we have in-depth knowledge of what a commercial property might need in its doors from an architectural, security, function and code-compliance stand point. Here are some of the ways that we can serve commercial property owner’s unique needs for doors and frames:

  • Access control systems: We have done the legwork of choosing an ideal access control system for you. We install only OpenPath, an exceptionally high quality system. It is certainly superior to systems with a keypad or a lockset, and has more redundancy, security and flexibility than other touchless access systems too.
  • Unusual door types: We offer unusual door options. We can provide your with sliding doors, bronze doors, or decorative latches. We can find you a hinged door with a door closer, an oversized doors to fit in wider door frames, or just the perfect wood door to match your building’s exterior cladding. If you have an unusual request, reach out to us.
  • True brand knowledge: We don’t just settle for hardware from any company for our customers. We know which brands offer quality products, of which kinds. The brand that you trust for quality mortise locksets may not be the same one you trust for your hollow metal door’s exit device. Let us guide you to the best brands and their most trusted products, including Yale, LCN, Von Duprin, Adams Rite and more.
  • Code compliance: Commercial and industrial settings have higher code specifications and higher penalties for not meeting them. We can help you retrofit doors to new code requirements when necessary, including those surrounding egress, thresholds and accessibility. We are also equipped to take care of your health and safety concerns for your doors, including adding a fire-door or an exit device.

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