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We usually take doors for granted, so if you are thinking about your building’s doors, chances are it is because you have a concern. Whether your door keeps needing repairs, seems to open too quickly or slowly, gets stuck, or doesn’t seem like it will stand up to your security concerns, we can help. We offer quality commercial doors in Rancho Cordova, including repair, maintenance, and installation services. You can trust us to recommend the best hardware and follow through with affordable repairs. Find out why you should work with us below.

our team provides quality repair for any type of commercial doors in Rancho Cordova
storefront repair done by our pro CLAD team

Storefront Repair

When people can’t get through the front door or have significant difficulty doing so, you lose out on sales. The longer your door is a frustration for your customers, the more damage that you do to your business’ reputation. The team at CLAD understands that when you have even minor frustration with your storefront doors you need repair quickly to prevent further damage to the door and to your business. We carry common parts needed for door repairs so we can repair them faster than other door companies. We also do our best not to interfere with your customers while we work.

That includes automatic doors. We have the AAADM certification that allows us to inspect, fix and install automatic doors. We carry parts for the over a dozen different automatic door brands and types, meaning we can repair the average automatic door in a day or two, instead of over a week.

“I would recommend CLAD to anyone and everybody. The staff was amazing. Giuliana helped us out from start to finish. She was clear and helpful the entire time. Making sure we understood the process and explaining the estimate. She even took it upon herself to get us scheduled when she realized some time had passed. The technician that came out was so pleasant. He explained what he saw, and went into detail to explain what he would be doing and coordinating with Giuliana as well. This was such a great experience and so very simple. Thank you CLAD staff!”

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Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial door hardware are all of the parts of the door that you add on, from the handles to the hinges. There are many other hardware options for commercial doors, which can increase their safety, function, and their ease of use, all depending on what you need from your doors (including what you need in order to meet your local regulations.) Some hardware options include:

  • Push Bars: These are panic devices or the door hardware that allows doors to open quickly when people are in a rush, which allows people to exit safely in emergencies. Push bars are a requirement on some doors and simply a good idea on others.
  • Door closers: These close doors automatically, keeping your building secure even if customers, clients and staff forget to close the door or find it too inconvenient. They are especially useful for those with mobility disorders.
  • Electrified door hardware: Including magnetic locks, these hardware options add more functionality to your door and often work in tandem with access control systems.

We also work with architectural doors, wood doors, metal doors and metal door frame hardware, insulated doors, mortise locks, masonry locks, deadbolt hardware, door jambs, door lite hardware, door louvers, transom installation, flush hardware, fire doors, steel doors, door closer hardware, louver hardware, hinge hardware, door frame hardware, door jamb hardware, and so much more. All of our hardware is available in multiple finishes and styles, from galvanized steel to powder-coated metal, stainless steel, custom glazing and more, to meet your exacting specifications. We can even install primed doors and hardware so they can be painted with the rest of your property for a perfect match.

new door closer installation

Metal & Hollow Metal Doors

Whether you’re looking for an affordable hollow metal door or a high-security steel door, the CLAD team has got you covered. Call us any time for:

  • Metal doors and frames
  • Steel doors and frames
  • Steel stiffened doors
  • Hollow metal door installation
  • Stainless steel doors
  • Metal frames
  • Steel frames
  • Lead-lined doors
  • Wood door with metal cores
  • Prefinished metal doors
  • And more

Hollow metal doors provide the ultimate balance of safety, security, durability, and pricing. Enjoy all the benefits of a solid steel door at a fraction of the price. 

Learn more about our hollow metal door options or call today for your free consultation.

commercial door installed to brick building in plymouth ca

Professional Commercial Door Advice

Are hollow metal doors a good idea for fire control? Which access control system has the right functionality for your property? Is weather stripping really that important to make your property more energy-efficient? The professionals at CLAD have real knowledge beyond what the product labelling says. We offer only the highest quality products from the manufacturers we trust and can help you understand which products will really benefit you.

If you need any help with your commercial doors in Rancho Cordova, talk to us.

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