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Parents with strollers, the elderly with canes, teenagers carrying too many boxes, and many other people will (hopefully) be using your business’s doors every day. Broken, stiff, heavy and inaccessible doors can discourage customers and affect your bottom line. With CLAD’s commercial doors in Roseville, we can help you welcome any customer while also keeping your business secure.

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Trusted Automatic Door Repair

Not every commercial locksmith can repair an automatic door. Unlike many, we have AAADM certification, which allows us to inspect, fix and install all automatic doors right in the field. Plus, at CLAD, we also know how to perform these essential tasks with as little disruption to your business as possible. You already have a broken door; you don’t need delay or poor work to also get in the way of your customers or tenants.

We go the extra mile to ensure we resolve your door’s issues quickly and properly. That means while other companies may have you wait over a week to get the part you need for your door, CLAD already has the most common parts in stock and even on the truck that the team drove to get to you.

“I have been working with Marco and the team over at Commercial Locks and Doors for over a year now. They’re a great group of people that do provide exceptional service and make an effort to accommodate. I manage a 100,000 sqft technical building with a lot of doors, they’ve helped me with repairs, security concerns, and making a master key program that has helped tremendously. A+”

Joe Sisk, Read More

Your New Door Options

At CLAD, we have detailed knowledge of the door industry and pride ourselves on choosing door manufacturers that offer our clients quality. That is, the look and features you specifically need from your door, at a price point you can be comfortable with. We offer a very wide range of new door installation options, especially for the front and back-of-house and can help you understand them. Talk to us for:

  • Architectural doors
  • Wooden doors
  • Steel doors and frames
  • Hollow metal doors
  • Steel-stiffened doors
  • Insulated doors
  • Fire doors
  • ADA compliant doors
  • And many more

Our technicians have detailed knowledge of various door brands and their offerings. We can show you which provide the most value for your unique circumstances.

a wooden door option installed

Access Control Systems

Do you wish you could enter your business with your smartphone? Would it be more convenient to digitally control who has access to your building rather than changing locks? Or, could you use a more secure system that can repel unauthorized users while not making it harder for authorized users to get inside? You can have all of these benefits and more with the Avigilon Alta system, the only access control system we trust enough to install for our clients.

Avigilon Alta has triple redundancy, which means that there are three signals opening the door for authorized users, meaning they won’t get frustrated by being turned away. It’s also a hand’s free experience, simply approaching the door with your phone will open it. Controlling who has access is simply a matter of making a change on the system’s digital interface. And the system is simple to expand to more doors and properties if you ever need to.

Hardware for Commercial Doors

Doors do a lot more than just open and close. Some are designed to function as one-way exits, some snap closed to keep cold air in, and some should be easy to access with a slight nudge, even if you have your hands full.

The behavior of your door is determined by its hardware. So if your door doesn’t operate like it should, your hardware is most likely the culprit.

That’s where we come in. At CLAD, we repair all kinds of commercial door hardware and install equipment from only the best manufacturers in the market. Here are just a few of our solutions:

Make my door shut tighter

Adding a door operator can make a big difference. These simple devices let you change the swing speed, tension, and resting position of your door. They’re especially useful for bathroom doors that should close quickly and exterior doors that should close tightly.

Old hinges can also make your door more difficult to fully close. Replacing them with newer barrel or continunuous hinges can make a bigger diffence than you might expect.

Make my door easier to open

You have a few options here. Adding a door operator can make it swing more easily, but if the handle itself is the problem, then that opens up the possibilities.

For outward-swinging doors, adding a push bar or panic bar is a great place to start, since it lets people open the door hands free. For commercial kitchens or bathrooms, elbow, wrist, and foot pulls can give your occupants more options. Adding a kick plate is a good idea, too.

Make my door harder to break into

For hollow metal and solid metal doors, keyless door locks with matching ACS systems are a great choice. Adding electrified door hardware, and removing a regular keyhole, means employees and customers will be able to use your door using biometrics, key cards, or even phone apps.

Adding a single point alarm system is also a good choice. If the door sets off an alarm as soon as they attempt to open it from the wrong side, they probably won’t try again!

commercial door closer with enhanced security features
commercial door closer with enhanced security features

Commercial Door Hardware Options




Door pulls

Push bars

Door jambs

Mortise locks

Cylinder locks

IC lock systems



Sliding door hardware

Keypad systems


Door frames

Door closers

Door operators

Panic hardware

And more

All of our door hardware options are available in multiple finishes and styles, from stainless steel and matte to satin and powder-coated, to meet your exacting specifications. From heavy duty hardware that says “keep out” to concealed hardware, there’s an option for virtually every need.

Learn more about our door hardware options or call today to speak with an expert

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