Shoplifting has always been a problem for retail businesses, but the added challenges of 2020 have changed things. Whether you’re getting ready to reopen after a long hiatus or whether you’ve been open for some time and are looking to beef up your loss prevention, we hope that these tips help you protect your inventory from theft.

1. Greet Customers Right Away

Customers may not see the human impact of stealing from large stores. Also, if your customer is wearing a mask, they may feel that their identity is disguised enough that attempting to steal is safer. A dedicated greeter can solve both of these problems. By looking your customer in the eye up close, the greeter can give the customer the sense that they are seen and could be identified by someone in the store. Plus, a friendly greeting helps to personalize the brand and remind customers that stealing could affect the employees of the store.

If you cannot afford to employ greeters at the front of the store, have employees greet customers as soon as they see them. Or, position an employee’s work station close to the entrance so that they can greet customers.

2. Disincentivize Cash Payments

Having cash on hand is a risk for theft. When people know that your retail location has cash, they may decide to try to steal just the cash and not your products. Paying in cash may be seen as inconvenient or unsanitary, and both perceptions help you avoid cash payments. Post signs requesting credit or debit payments or signs explaining that no cash is kept onsite.

3. Show Off Your Security Methods

Cameras, lights, and sturdy doors are all great security features that will deter would-be shoplifters if they know about them. Put up signs pointing out those features, especially surrounding products that are easily or frequently stolen. Signs at doors can prevent people from attempting to access the store when they are not supposed to or prevent them from entering through back-of-house doors instead of the front.

4. Require a Receipt for All Orders, Even Online

Many stores bolstered their online sales in 2020 but now face the problem that those who buy online sometimes like to return those items in person instead of heading to the nearest post office or shipping pick-up location. It is hard to tell these legitimate returns apart from scammers who stole the items to get the cash from a return. So, it is critical to require that all customers show a receipt with their return, including an email print-off.

5. Use Door Closers or Automatic Doors

Some people will sneak into sections of the store that they are not supposed to, or after closing, by tagging along behind employees who are using the door legitimately. They wait until the employee has moved just far enough away to not notice and then take advantage of the still-open door. Install automatic doors and door closers that will deny the thief this opportunity, and your store will be more secure from theft and other threats.

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