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When you need commercial doors in Tracy, Commercial Locks And Doors is the company to turn to. Our team of commercial door repair and installation professionals are thoroughly trained and have years of experience installing all types of doors, including automatic doors, storefront doors, fire-rated doors, personnel doors, and more. Whether you need a storefront door installed in your retail space or a metal security door replacement for a warehouse, our team of commercial door contractors are available to help business and commercial property owners in Tracy.  We can help with your locksmithing needs as well.

one of our techs is working on a commercial door repair in Tracy, California
fire doors installed by our experienced team

Security Doors

Not all doors are meant to be welcoming. Security doors, whether at the front or back of your property, are supposed to look strong and intimidating to anyone who would try to open them up without authorization. Broken, rusted, or askew security doors are liabilities because they tell people that perhaps they can break into your property with a bit of effort.

It’s important to get security doors replaced or repaired properly and quickly in order to secure your business or facility. We offer several types of metal doors that can fulfill your properties’ specific needs:

  • Steel stiffened doors: When a typical metal door isn’t enough, a steel stiffened door adds substantially more strength.
  • Fire doors: Fire doors seal spaces off from smoke and flames in the case of fire and
  • Galvanized steel: Exterior doors will be exposed to rain, so they might rust if they’re metal. Galvanization protects doors from the effects of water so that they don’t rust.

While they must be secure, these doors shouldn’t be a hassle for your staff or you. We can repair malfunctioning access control systems, or replace them entirely with OpenPath, a triple redundancy system with built-in monitoring.

Storefront Repairs

When your door is broken, stuck, or a pain to open, you’ll lose customers. It’s also a bad impression to make on customers who are willing to come in, who may think negatively of your store after having to deal with your door.

We know that getting storefront door repair quickly matters for your bottom line, which is why we respond to your call quickly, show up on time, and bring what we need to fix almost all repair problems. We stock a wide variety of parts, so we can typically fix an automatic door issue in a day or two and other door problems even faster.

a storefront doors repair done by our pros

Access Control Systems

Sometimes you need security more than you need convenience. Still, a quality access control system can get you both. Grant staff and others with access easily and revoke it just as simply without changing a lock.

We install Avigilon Alta access control systems because they are secure and offer triple redundancy and easy monitoring from a single screen. When you’re using this system, no one who has access permission will be denied access and those without will be turned away. This scalable system is an excellent option for any business.

Call us any time for:

  • Keyless entry systems
  • Electrified door hardware
  • Access control system installation
  • Keypad installation
  • ACS servicing
  • And more
a keyless entry system installed by our team

Why Choose CLAD?

The team at CLAD understands what different businesses need from their doors. We can direct you to the right solutions for your property, whether you need convenient front-of-house-doors, secure back-of-house to deter theft, or another solution. Our staff can get you the best quality door and hardware options for your price point.

Reach out to us today to discuss your commercial door needs in Tracy.

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