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Your property is only as secure as its doors. A vulnerable door can allow for a break-in. A broken door can then impact your business, discouraging customers, undermining your business’ reputation and creating frustration for staff. Prevent break-ins and recover from broken doors quickly with help from the CLAD team. We offer quality commercial door services in Hayward with a guaranteed response time.

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Emergency Storefront Repair

Have you suffered a break-in? Or, have your doors broken for another reason? We offer emergency storefront repair, quickly and thoroughly fixing your problem, so that you can open your doors to customers again and minimize the impact of the door problem on your business.

We have a guaranteed response time for all emergency calls and book fast appointments. Our technicians arrive to your business quickly and with all of the tools that they need to do the job. Our “commando-style” repairs can get your door problems solved quickly. If you end up needing a door replacement, we can also help faster than the competition.

We don’t just offer these repair and replacement services to storefronts; we can also help:

  • Businesses of any size
  • Manufacturing and industrial properties
  • Schools and campuses
  • Medical facilities
  • Government properties
  • Churches and temples
  • Contractors
  • Real estate professionals

Preventing Break-ins in Hayward

In Hayward, break-ins are a large risk for businesses. If you suffer a break-in, you may lose inventory, assets, and other property. Your business’s reputation may suffer, and your customers may feel less safe in your building. You may also miss out on business while you fix the damage from the break-in. To avoid all of these complications, invest now in the doors and security systems on your property.

Here is how the CLAD team can help you prevent a break-in:

  • Security doors: We can install and repair security doors that intimidate would-be thieves and deny them access. If you have a security door that is clearly rusted, askew, or broken, you’re inviting thieves in. We can fix these doors quickly and properly. If you don’t have a security door for your back-of-house at all, we can help suggest the right door. There are steel-stiffened doors, galvanized steel doors, and fire-rated doors that will provide the security you need.
  • Door hardware: Any door can be made more secure with the right door hardware. For example, we have high-quality door closers that can save your staff, tenants or customers from needing to close the door behind them, making the building more secure. Talk to us for more door hardware recommendations, including which specific manufacturers are the best.
  • Access control systems: It’s frustrating to change out keys and locks, and not as secure as a digital access control system. A quality access control system can help you avoid break-ins, especially those committed by former staff. It’s quick and simple to deny former staff entry and allow new staff access. We’ll help you install the right system for your needs and budget.

The team at CLAD is the fast, trustworthy, and high-quality door specialists you need. Reach out to us today for commercial doors in Hayward.

Choose CLAD for Your Commercial Door Needs

When you need commercial doors in Hayward, Commercial Locks And Doors is the company to turn to. Our team of commercial door repair and installation professionals are thoroughly trained and have years of experience installing all types of doors, including automatic doors, storefront doors, fire-rated doors, personnel doors, and more. So, whether you need a storefront door installed in your retail space or a metal security door replacement for a warehouse, our team of commercial door contractors is available to help business and commercial property owners in Hayward and beyond.

Automatic Doors: Having automatic doors isn’t a requirement just yet, but it is expected of most retail stores and hospitality-based businesses. Not only will your customers appreciate them, but so will those with mobility issues, parents with strollers, and employees that regularly come in and out of the building. Automatic doors are more hygienic, they elevate the appearance of your business, and save on energy costs.

Aluminum Glass Storefront Doors: Whether your storefront doors are manual or automatic, their main purpose is to make it as easy to enter your store as possible. With that being said, they should also provide enough security to prevent theft, while also complying with building codes and being simple to operate.

Fire-Rated Doors: When it comes to hollow metal doors, there are a number of different varieties to choose from— fire-rated doors being one of them. As you can tell from the name, these doors are specially designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke, protecting your property and the people inside in the event of a fire.

Personnel Doors: When you think of personnel doors, think of the doors in your building that are mostly used by the employees. These doors could range from the ones that lead to the back of your building, or swinging doors used in restaurants. These doors are used much more often than the ones meant specifically for customers. Because of the fact that they’re in constant use, the requirements, materials, and features for this type of door are likely to be different from other doors.

Not located in Hayward? No problem! Commercial Locks And Doors provides quality commercial door installation and repair services across the East Bay, including cities like Fremont, Livermore, Walnut Creek, and elsewhere, like Plymouth, Jackson, Placerville, Citrus Heights, and more. No matter what type of door you need for your property, give us a call today to get started.

“Our storefront door’s maglock was broken. We need to install a set of mechanical lock on our storefront door urgently before we restore the maglock. Marco and Giuliana are so easy to deal with and get the response quickly. They did a great job which was exceeding my expectation, resolving our problem at a reasonable price. It was a pleasant experience to do business with them. I would highly recommend Commercial Locks and Doors.”

Mindy C., Read More

Commercial Door Hardware Professionally Installed

We proudly install high quality products from only the most dependable manufacturers.

  • Door frames
  • Door hinges
  • Door closers and operators
  • Mortise locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Panic bars
  • Sliding door hardware
  • Door jambs
  • Fiberglass door frames
  • Kick plates and openers
  • Knobs and handles
  • Electrified door hardware
  • And more
push bar and door closer installation

Commercial Locksmith in Hayward

Our professional lock and security equipment contractors are fully licensed and have years of experience servicing commercial locks in Hayward and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether the problem is with the lock on your building or with the key itself, rest assured knowing that our commercial locksmiths arrive at every job fully equipped and ready to repair or replace your commercial lock system.

Commercial Locks And Doors provides a variety of commercial locksmith services in Hayward, including commercial re-keys, lock upgrades and ACS system installations, broken or faulty lock repairs, lockouts, and anything else you might need professional help with. So, if you own a business or commercial property, and you find yourself locked out of your building, be sure to give Commercial Locks And Doors a call today for an estimate.

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