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Any opening on your commercial property needs to be secure, accessible and look professional. Gates are no exception. Your property may have a gate for its parking lots, pedestrian pathways, fencing, or simply to allow access between two different sections of the property. The quality and condition of the gate’s hardware is what will make it both more secure and more functional. The team at CLAD offers all of the professional, commercial gate hardware you need to make your space more secure than just the average home’s backyard. Find the right solutions with our expert guidance.

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Gate Hardware Options

Make your gate open and close smoothly or automatically, increase its resistance to unauthorized access and improve its looks with these hardware options.

  • Hinges: The right hinges can make your gate look and work better. There are hinges for narrow gates, heavy gates, and much more.
  • Handles: The look and feel of a handle is often what makes or breaks the look of the whole gate.
  • Locks: For security, locks are essential. We can show you which specific locks are the strongest, most secure options for your specific gate.
  • Openers and closers: For accessibility, ease of use, and for security, openers and closers are excellent options.
  • Operators: Gate operators make it simple to open and close your commercial gate.

The Benefits of Commercial Gate Improvements

Why spend energy improving the appearance and function of your property’s gate? Whether you have a single gate or a dozen or them, these are access points to your property that need to be secure and simple to use. Here are some of the many benefits of improving your commercial gate:

  • Increase security: Stop would-be thieves and anyone who would seek to get into your property without permission right at the gate. Even the sight of new hardware is enough to deter some criminals.
  • Improve the look: A rusted old gate can really undermine the look of your property and even affect your brand image. New hardware will make the whole gate and property look better.
  • Allow for easy access: If anyone uses your gate, even occasionally, it is worthwhile to make your gate smooth and simple to open and close.
  • Protect your reputation: When you care about your property, your customers and anyone else who sees it takes note. Improving your gate may be what you need to boost your business reputation.
gates improve security on the property

Why Work with CLAD

CLAD is your commercial door expert. Our team is dedicated to meeting all of your hardware needs. Work with us to pick out your gate hardware because we offer:

  • True expertise: We know which brands and which specific hardware products offer the best features and can advise you as to how to make the best choices for your gate.
  • Customer service: We’re a responsive, reliable team that cares about the experience you have when you’re working with us.

Find Your Ideal Gate Hardware Here

We understand the importance of every access point in your building, which is why we only recommend the best in gate hardware. Reach out to CLAD to get the ideal hardware for your specific gate.

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