Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) Installation

Many people use the terms “exit devices,” “crash bars” and “panic hardware” interchangeably. Essentially they all do the same thing: providing a safe and easy way to exit a room or building without turning a knob. But there is one type of exit device that offers a little more security, reliability, and durability

these surface vertical rods were installed by our pros

What is a Surface Vertical Rod?

What exactly is a Surface Vertical Rod, or SVR?  SVRs are a type of a push bar/exit device/panic bar/panic device. It is a form of lever tumbler lock for unlocking a door during emergency conditions.

svr's added on exit doors

SVRs….The nuts and bolts

The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward-opening door. The SVR mounts to the surface of a door.  A top and bottom rod extend the full height of the door and are attached to latch-bolt assemblies.

While similar to rim devices, SVRs are different. Rim exit devices are regular push bars with only one latching point, generally in the middle of the doorframe. SVRs, however, have two or three latching points, depending on the model. With SVRs, the operating trim extends through the door thickness and engages the lock case of the exit device. SVRs can also be used in conjunction with a rim or mortise exit device on the active door.

Why do I need a SVR?

SVR devices help buildings comply with certain fire code or safety code requirements.

These exit devices are installed on doors to make sure people can open the doors if they must exit through them in an emergency. Unlike other types of exit devices, they can be used on single and double doors, even without a vertical mullion. They also mount at multiple points, giving you long-term use with less strain on your door and frame.

These commercial-grade vertical locking panic bars are easy to depress allowing anyone to safely exit the building, especially during an emergency situation.

Who needs SVR devices?

SVRs are a great choice for any high-traffic building or business, especially if you have double doors:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Multi-family residential buildings
  • Hotels
new doors with srv's installed by our team in a surgery center

SVR Retrofitting

Because SVRs are mounted to the door’s exterior, they are fairly easy to retrofit onto an existing door. We are able to take whatever existing hardware is on the opening and retrofit the doors to receive the SVR. This allows us to have the egress already there and can easily be electrified and/or a keypad trim added if the client wants.  Doing a retrofit is also cost effective for a business.  They are also low maintenance and easy to maintain.  Parts are usually easy to get on short notice if they are ever needed, as well.

We only use the best in the industry

At CLAD, we highly recommend Von Duprin for our SVR projects.  They are leaders in the panic device industry.  Von Duprin is a brand that can be trusted to last for many years, providing a quality, long-term solution to your needs.  When needing to install panic hardware to your business, why not choose the best in the industry.

Feel free to contact us at CLAD for more information about SVR installations and more for the safety of your business.

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