When your commercial door is dragging or scraping the ground, it can disrupt business. You never want someone to struggle opening or closing your door, including customers, staff and guests. A dragging door can also be a challenge for those with mobility issues. As it drags, the door will also do damage to itself. So, you’ll want to get a dragging commercial door fixed as soon as possible. There might be a number of different issues that cause the door to drag. Here’s a quick explanation.

Check the Door Closer

If this is a new door and it is closing very slowly, that may be by design. Door closers are special hardware that slow down a door as it swings close. This gives people with mobility issues time to get through the threshold without being hit by the door. If your door has a closer and it’s not hitting anything, like the floor, as it swings, then probably the door closer is just doing its job. Still, if the door is closing too slowly, then we can adjust the door closer for you to have it swing a little faster.

Clear the Threshold

As the door closes, watch where it drags. If it drags on anything specific along its path, you can remove that thing. If there is a metal door threshold on the ground where the door should come to a rest, that might cause the door to drag. Make sure the metal is secure and firm on the ground. If it is, a professional may be able to adjust or replace it to stop the dragging issue.

Is the Door Damaged?

Sometimes damage might cause a part of the door, like some hardware, to have come loose and drag on the ground. Check the bottom and top of the door to see if there is anything which might be dragging. You may be able to fix the damage or you may need a commercial door technician to do it for you.

Tighten or Replace Hinges

Sometimes commercial doors drag because the hinges have come loose and they are not holding the door up straight anymore. The fix for this is simply to take the door down and tighten the hinges. It may be necessary, or even ideal, to replace the hinges with a higher quality option at this point. You’re taking the door down anyway, so why not get hinges that won’t come loose again?

Don’t Saw the Door

If you have a wood door that is dragging, it’s tempting to take the door down, saw it down an inch, and then replace it. However, if the door was always the right size, then this won’t resolve the issue. It is also likely to leave little gaps under the door and impact your energy efficiency. Have a professional discover the real root cause of your dragging commercial door. If it is the wrong size, our commercial locks and doors in Modesto team can fix that issue too.