Nowadays, many businesses are using restricted key access for commercial door locks due to its many benefits. This solution is becoming a viable option for enterprises that require a high level of security.

From restricting access to specific parts of your business to creating a safer arrangement for your staff, using a restricted key system is safe, rewarding, and practical.

What is a Restricted Key System?

In a restricted key system, only an authorized person is allowed to duplicate the keys. New keys can only be made by the master locksmith, who originally created the design for your commercial doors. The great thing about this type of system is that it provides ultra-strong security because your keys will never be copied without authorization.

These key systems typically come in different security levels and configurations to fit the unique needs of your business. All professional and certified locksmiths can create a restricted key system for you.

Benefits of Restricted Key Systems

1. Lock Pick Resistant

benefits of restricted key systems Since keys in this system are created with a sharper warding, picking the commercial lock or using another blank key to open the door is more complicated. Standard keys and locks can be picked easily if someone knows what they’re doing. However, in a restricted key system, the locks and keys are designed to be pick proof—eliminating any worry of people gaining unauthorized access to your facility.

2. Greater Control and Access

The system grants better control and access within your business because you can restrict the availability of keys. You have the option to have keys for authorized personnel only or get a multi-level master key system to meet the access requirements of different employees within your organization. Restricted key systems allow more secure access control, making it a widely-used solution for businesses from various industries.

3. Accurate Key Record

In the restricted key system, locksmiths use security blanks, which can only be copied from the locksmith business that originally produced it. You will receive a key that comes with comprehensive records, ensuring that a firm system stays in places where selected people will only be granted access.

Your trusted locksmith will be keeping and maintaining these records to eliminate all chances of creating duplicate keys without proper authorization. Each key has its own issue and system number that will be recorded, so there’s a higher level of security involved.

Implementing Restricted Key Systems for Commercial Door Locks

implementing restricted key systems for commercial door locks

As a business owner, one of your main priorities should be keeping your commercial building safe and secure at all times. Restricted key systems allow you to do that with the help of a master locksmith specializing in different commercial door lock types.

Restricted key systems are very effective because they ensure the security of your commercial building and give you peace of mind. Take some time to speak to a master locksmith to know more about these systems, and why they are the best option for the kind of business property you own.