When it comes to selecting the best SVR (Specialty Vertical Rod) exit device, two prominent names that often come to mind are Von Duprin and Yale. Both companies have established themselves as leaders in the field of security hardware, particularly in the realm of exit devices. However, determining which brand makes the best SVR exit device requires an analysis of various factors including quality, features, reliability, durability, functionality, reputation, and customer satisfaction. Both Von Duprin and Yale are well-known manufacturers in the security hardware industry, each with its own strengths and qualities.


Reliability is paramount when it comes to exit devices, especially in emergency situations where smooth and efficient egress is critical. Von Duprin’s SVR exit devices are engineered with precision and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet industry standards and provide reliable performance when needed most. Their mechanisms are designed to withstand heavy usage and adverse conditions, offering peace of mind to building owners and occupants alike. Von Duprin’s SVR exit devices are known for their robust construction, which includes heavy-duty materials such as steel and aluminum.

On the other hand, Yale, a well-known brand in the security industry, also offers a variety of SVR exit devices designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Yale’s SVR exit devices are engineered with precision and attention to detail, ensuring reliable operation and security. Similar to Von Duprin, Yale utilizes durable materials in the construction of their exit devices, contributing to their longevity and durability.


Durability is another hallmark of Von Duprin’s SVR exit devices. Constructed from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, these devices are built to last. Whether installed in high-traffic commercial settings or demanding industrial environments, Von Duprin’s exit devices are known for their durability and longevity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacement.

Yale SVR exit devices are also suitable for high-traffic areas such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, and other commercial spaces.  They are built to withstand heavy use and harsh environments. The mechanisms within Yale SVR exit devices are engineered for smooth and reliable operation, minimizing the risk of jams or malfunctions.


Von Duprin’s SVR exit devices are designed with functionality in mind, offering smooth operation and easy installation. Their innovative designs incorporate features such as adjustable rods, latch bolt monitoring, and dogging options, allowing for flexibility and customization to suit various door configurations and security requirements. One of the key features of Von Duprin SVR exit devices is their innovative design. They incorporate advanced technology to enhance security and ease of use. For example, some models feature a smooth and quiet operation mechanism, which reduces noise during operation and minimizes wear and tear on the device. Additionally, Von Duprin SVR exit devices often come with adjustable components, allowing for easy installation and customization to fit different door sizes and configurations.

Yale SVR exit devices are also designed with user convenience in mind. They feature intuitive operation mechanisms and ergonomic designs, making them easy to use and maintain. Additionally, Yale offers a range of accessories and optional features that further enhance the functionality and security of their exit devices, such as alarm systems and remote monitoring capabilities. Yale also offers a range of SVR exit devices with different features and specifications to suit various door types and security needs. This flexibility allows for customization based on specific requirements.

Brand Reputation & Customer Satisfaction

Von Duprin has earned a reputation as a trusted leader in the security hardware industry, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a long history of delivering reliable and durable products, Von Duprin has become synonymous with excellence in exit devices. Von Duprin offers a wide range of options in terms of finishes and aesthetics, allowing customers to choose a device that complements the overall design of their building or facility. This level of customization adds to the appeal of Von Duprin SVR exit devices for architects, designers, and building owners.

Yale SVR exit devices are engineered for easy installation, reducing time and labor costs during setup. This is particularly advantageous for contractors and maintenance personnel. Overall, Yale SVR exit devices provide a balance of security, durability, ease of installation, and compliance, making them a popular choice for commercial and institutional facilities.

In terms of reputation and customer satisfaction, both Von Duprin and Yale have garnered praise for their SVR exit devices. Customers appreciate the reliability, durability, and performance of these devices, as well as the level of support and service provided by both brands.

Ultimately, determining which brand makes the best SVR exit device may come down to individual preferences, specific project requirements, and budget considerations. Both Von Duprin and Yale are reputable manufacturers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality security solutions. By carefully evaluating the features, benefits, and customer feedback of each brand’s SVR exit devices, customers can make an informed decision that meets their needs and expectations.

While both Von Duprin and Yale manufacture SVR exit devices, Von Duprin’s commitment to quality, durability, functionality, and brand reputation sets its products apart. With a legacy of innovation spanning over a century, Von Duprin continues to set the standard for excellence in the security hardware industry, making them the preferred choice for SVR exit devices in a wide range of applications.