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Securing your commercial property from break-ins and other unauthorized access is a large priority for businesses in Stockton. Strong commercial doors and locks offer your business protection but also so much more, including easy access for staff and customers and a clean look that boosts your brand reputation. You need doors that operate smoothly and securely. The team at CLAD can help with commercial door installation, repairs, hardware and more. Discover what we offer, from the best access control system to repairs for your automatic door systems, below.

One of our techs is working on a commercial door repair in Stockton, CA
Our team is skilled in installing and repairing automatic doors

Automatic Door Repair

Your customers expect automatic doors at your storefront to work so seamlessly that they don’t even notice them. If your doors are falling short and frustrating customers, we can fix them or replace them as needed. Our team understands that a broken door could be turning away many customers every hour, so we respond quickly to calls for repair. We also keep the tools, equipment and parts we need for most common automatic door repairs in our trucks, so we can fix them without needing to head out for supplies.

Time is important and our technicians can help with fast and dependable repairs. We stock most common parts you’ll need for repairs, so you don’t have to wait a week or more for parts to arrive. Instead, we can complete most automatic door repairs in a day or two. We understand that any additional delay is lost revenue for you, not to mention increased liability. You shouldn’t lose business because of a broken door and our technicians will respond quickly and efficiently. At CLAD, we respond to your call quickly and do our best not to interfere with your customers while we complete our work.

“Prompt service, fair pricing and excellent customer service. Communications with Giuliana was excellent and Augusto repaired both defective doors.”

Perry Lee, Read More

Security Doors in Stockton

Depending on your specific business, you may need security doors at the front of your property or just the back. Choosing and installing a high-security entry door is particularly challenging, but our extensive experience makes it easy.

CLAD can help you assess your security risks and determine where you need a metal door and which type of door security is right for you. Your options include:

  • Steel-stiffened doors: These doors have a vertical steel bar which adds significant strength, helping these doors stand up to attempts at forced entry.
  • Fire doors: Building code may require you have these secure doors, which help protect from the spread of fire. They can seal smoke and flames off from certain parts of your building.
  • Galvanized steel: Older exterior security doors commonly rust. This makes them appear vulnerable and attract unwanted attention. Galvanized steel doors won’t rust, so they stay in better condition.
Security door with a push bar

It is critical for your business to have security doors that can discourage unauthorized access. Not all doors are meant to be welcoming. Some buildings, or sections of your building, need to be off-limits for specific people or to members of the general public. A good security door will look tough and challenging to break into, to dissuade people before they even attempt it. We offer quality security doors from leading door manufacturers that we trust to deliver quality products. Often, the sheer look and feel of these doors can convince criminals to try elsewhere. But, if your door is tested, you’ll be glad that you worked with CLAD. We’ll walk you through doors that can take the kind of heavy abuse that your business is at risk for and, with your budget in mind, help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

One of our team members measuring a door frame during a commercial door repair for a warehouse in Stockton

Reliable Commercial Door Repairs

If your door has been damaged, opens slowly, won’t close, gets stuck, or has some other issue, you need it fixed quickly. At CLAD, we understand that the longer your door is broken, the more inconvenient it is to staff and customers. A broken door may even lose you business. We can help with fast, complete repairs.

The team at CLAD is AAADM certified so that we can repair, inspect and install automatic doors. In addition, we show up to every repair job with the most common parts in our truck. That means we can complete repairs faster, usually the very same day. With better access to the top manufacturers, we can also complete installation jobs faster than the competition.

Commercial Door Hardware Installation & Repair

There are many different brands and types of commercial hardware, but our expert team can help you make sense of it. We can advise you as to when it is wise to buy the stand out option and when the quality just isn’t that different among the different the hardware options you’re considering. Get our advice on any commercial door hardware you need, including:

  • Push bars and panic bars
  • Deadbolt, bolt and deadlock installation
  • Keypad lock installation/keyless entry systems
  • High security lock installation
  • Mortise locks and tumbler locks
  • Knobs and knob hardware
  • Industrial door locks
  • Latches and latch hardware
  • ADA compliant hardware
  • Concealed hardware
  • Locksets
  • Flush hardware
  • Strikes
  • Door stops
  • Hinge replacements
  • Hollow metal doors hardware
  • Door frame repair
  • Door operators
  • Sliding door locking mechanisms
Commercial door hardware installation is one of our specialties

Many Finishes Available

From satin stainless steel to matte colors, we can help you choose the best hardware to match your building’s aesthetics. Just because your hardware is fully functional and meets all specifications doesn’t mean it can’t also look great.

We Only Install the Best

We install only the best commercial door hardware from dependable manufacturers throughout the world including, Von Duprin, Adams Rite, LCN Hardware, and more. Reach out to us for specific product recommendations from these manufacturers.

Safety doesn’t necessarily have to look industrial and we can work to match the aesthetics of your property. All of our hardware is heavy-duty and rated for extended use, but our many hardware and finish options mean you won’t have to compromise on style to get the performance you need.

Sorry, we do not service garage-door equipment or overhead rolling doors.

Storefront Repair Services

Let’s face it: Stockton tends to get a lot of break-ins. Some Stockton businesses are even closing due to the sustained level of break-ins and shoplifting.

For that reason, it’s smart to repair any broken storefront as soon as possible. Not only does it help protect your business against break-ins, but it also sends a message that your business is a safe and secure place.

Our team works quickly to assess and replace any damaged storefront hardware ASAP. Out extensive inventory and experience means many of these repairs can be completed in just a single visit, allowing you to get back to business just a little bit quicker.

Learn more about our storefront repair services »

storefront repair
demonstrating multiple access methods for an OpenPath access control system

Access Control Systems

You don’t need to rely on a physical lock and key to keep your property secure. Access control systems give you more security and more control. They make it simpler for your clients or staff to access the doors they should use and easier for you to deter people from using a door they shouldn’t.

At CLAD, we’ve done our research into access control systems and will only install the best—Avigilon Alta access control system. This is the simplest and most secure system available. It uses triple redundancy for extra security, and it couldn’t be easier to add and remove access for different people. We’re happy to talk you through the Avigilon Alta system and its benefits, just reach out.

“They responded to our emergency request quickly! The technician came and repaired the door in no time!”

Richard Lo, Read More

Different Commercial Door Needs

The team at CLAD has experience and knowledge to share. Unlike companies that focus on residential doors, we have in-depth knowledge of what a commercial property might need in its doors from an architectural, security, function and code-compliance stand point. Here are some of the ways that we can serve commercial property owner’s unique needs for doors and frames:

  • Code compliance: Commercial and industrial settings have higher code specifications and higher penalties for not meeting them. We can help you retrofit doors to new code requirements when necessary, including those surrounding egress, thresholds and accessibility. We are also equipped to take care of your health and safety concerns for your doors, including adding a fire-door or an exit device.
  • Unusual door types: We offer unusual door options. We can provide your with sliding doors, bronze doors, or decorative latches. We can find you a hinged door with a door closer, an oversized doors to fit in wider door frames, or just the perfect wood door to match your building’s exterior cladding. If you have an unusual request, reach out to us.
  • True brand knowledge: We don’t just settle for hardware from any company for our customers. We know which brands offer quality products, of which kinds. The brand that you trust for quality mortise locksets may not be the same one you trust for your hollow metal door’s exit device. Let us guide you to the best brands and their most trusted products, including Yale, LCN, Von Duprin, Adams Rite and more.

Commercial Locksmith Services

At CLAD, we offer top-notch commercial locksmith services in Antelope. Whether you need emergency locksmith services, a repair, replacement, or installation, you can be certain that our professional lock contractors will be there to help. We can often help after business hours if needed as well. We are more than just a locksmith, we are professionally trained, licensed, and certified to work on a variety of commercial lock and door systems.  Our services include:

Locksmith contractor working on repairs
  • Lockout fixes
  • Deadbolt installations
  • Commercial lock repair
  • Commercial rekey services
  • Keypad installations and repair
  • Access control systems
  • High security locks
  • Master key systems
  • Panic hardware
  • Door closers
  • Cylinder lock repair
  • New lock installations
  • And more

Our team works with a wide variety of businesses, including retail establishments, restaurants, schools, municipal clients, places of worship, industrial clients, and more. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices, attention to detail, and the quality of our customer service. Give us a call, whether for an emergency or a scheduled appointment.

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Even doors that look in perfectly good condition should have the proper hardware to grant them the strength to backup their looks. Safety is essential for employees and customers. You want strength combined with aesthetics to match your building and we can offer that. Our team of commercial door repair and installation professionals are thoroughly trained and have years of experience installing all types of doors, including automatic doors, storefront doors, fire-rated doors, personnel doors, and more. So, whether you need a storefront door installed in your retail space or a metal security door replacement for a warehouse, our team of commercial door contractors is available to help business and commercial property owners alike. Let us create safe, effective commercial door solutions for your property. We offer the best doors and hardware and offer better customer service than the competition. We can get your doors repaired or installed faster, to restore your property’s security and ease of access. Call CLAD and let us help you bring security to your business.Reach out to us for commercial door and lock services in Stockton.

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