If there is a risk that your commercial door will be kicked in, it is wise to plan for this possibility and reinforce your door to prevent it. While it is impossible to make a door that cannot be kicked in by any force (depending on your circumstances, people looking to break down your door may bring tools) but you can add significant strength that can repel most break-in attempts. Here is how you can protect your commercial door from being kicked in.

Choose a Steel-Stiffened Door

When someone attempts to break a weak door, the first thing that breaks is usually the wood or metal of the door itself and not the hardware. So, the first thing you may want to consider is choosing a new door. Steel-stiffened doors are one of the best options. Not only is it made of tough steel, but it has a vertical bar through it that better repels force. These doors can handle even heavy abuse without breaking open.

Choose Reinforced Glass

For front-of-house doors, steel won’t cut it. These doors can look intimidating, which helps to discourage break-ins but could also discourage your customers. You will likely want automatic glass doors for your front entrance, but these are much easier to kick in. One option is to improve the strength of the glass. Consider choosing a door with a higher strength glass or adding steel security bars to the glass portion. Another option is to choose your hardware wisely. If you use a double-cylinder deadbolt in the door, then it cannot be manually unlocked from the other side. This means if someone breaks the glass and reaches in to try to unlock the door, they can’t.

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Choose Better Hardware

If the door itself is as strong as it can be, the various pieces of hardware are the next things that will break when someone attempts to kick the door down. We always recommend that our clients choose top-quality hardware in order to have the most secure door possible. We can show you the best options available for your specific needs and in your budget. In the meantime, consider:

  • Replacing the deadbolt strike plate: The plate should be at least secured with screws.
  • Replacing the hinges: Hinges are the next thing that will break. Stronger hinges will support the door better during force.
  • Reinforcing the door frame: Under heavy force, the frame itself can break. There are ways to support the frame and prevent this.
  • Adding a door barricade: Where building codes allow them, door barricades can provide pressure that prevents the door from breaking in. They also lay flat when not in use.

Work with Professionals

Some of these changes may be too extreme for your level of risk from kick-ins. Or, you may have such extreme security needs that you need more solutions. It is always best to work with a professional commercial doors and repairs in Stockton that can tailor your solutions to your specific risks.